Our Services

Counseling Sessions

Book a counseling session via tiny.cc/CounselingNL to ask about the education system in the Netherlands (especially Bachelor's), the most appropriate study program for you, and universities that provide programs according to the student's wishes.

University Application Guidance

Contact our Indonesian Representative at +62 813-8880-0069 to help you with you application to our universities, free of charge.

Visa Procedure

Our universities work together with the immigration offices to arrange your visa for you. All you'll have to do is pick up the visa when it's ready.


Sign up for the IELTS Preparation classes (total of 30 hours, max. class of 3 students) via this link: Sign Up for IELTS Prep

University Immersion

We hold our own annual summer camp, as well as work together with local and international schools to provide their students with a chance to spend 2 weeks in the Netherlands, having hands-on experience learning at our universities and immersing themselves in the culture.

Departure Prep

We will hold multiple briefings and introduce new students to the current students to make sure that they are fully prepared to embark to the Netherlands and continue their studies abroad.

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